Numerology Online Courses

Learn Numerology with Laureli Blyth

Laureli is a leading Master Numerologist that has studied, researched and developed her Numerology skills for over four decades.

Laureli’s depth of understanding of the numbers goes beyond most Numerologists as she delves into all double and triple number meanings. Her workshops deliver the most intensive understanding of the energy vibrations that people bring into this world and how to utilize them as they were meant to be used.

Her workshops are delivered online to enable you to watch them at your own pace – with in person zoom sessions that encapsulate the learning of each module.

There are two levels to these workshops. Level One or Numerology Essentials. This has been designed for anyone with some to no knowledge of Numerology. Level Two or Advanced Numerology to know how to construct and read the in depth Blueprint Charts.

 Numerology Essentials (Level One)

Over two months and four lessons, you will:

  • Learn how to Construct a Personal Numerology Chart for yourself and others
  • Create Numerology Blueprints for understanding and direction on love, money, talents, relationships and more.
  • Understand your Numerological Time-line to give insight into how your life has transpired to the present and how to plan using the number energies for the life you want to live.
  • Understand and identify the energy vibrations that enhance and help or hinder or block you, so you create the life you are meant to live.
  • Help yourself and others with a sense of clarity, to move forward with your tools and skills with confidence and optimism.

 We will cover:

  • Meaning of Names.  Who are YOU? Every name has an energy that vibrates to it’s own unique power. Understanding names enables us to use this power in a more direct and natural manner.
  • Birth Dates are how you Express Yourself.  They are like a pathways that complement the wisdom and experience and lead you to your purpose.
  • Change your Name and Change your Life. It can either enhance or challenge your character. Learn how to discover the influence a name change can give you.
  • Compatibility Numbers give insight into Relationships. Are you compatible with your partner and other people. Discover the compatibility number and how to use its power to strengthen relationships.
  • Do you have Karmic Lessons to overcome and learn. When you understand karmic numbers and their influence you can work with them to overcome obstacles.
  • Master Numbers reveal Spiritual or Higher Wisdom. Learning to live up to higher potential and the energy vibrations.
  • Cycles of Life and their chain reaction. Our lives are cyclic and when we know how to gauge them we can create a more harmonious now and future


Dates for Numerology Essentials  2021

Feb 01   Lesson One Video Release               Group Zoom Session   Feb 13

Feb 14   Lesson Two Video Release               Group Zoom Session   Feb 27

Feb 28  Lesson Three Video Release             Group Zoom Session  Mar 13

Mar 14  Lesson Four Video Release               Group Zoom Session  Mar 27

Tuition $475 or 2 payments of $250. AUD 

 Advanced Numerology (Level Two) 

4 Lessons with 4 Scheduled Zoom sessions

July 21 - September 4, 2021 Tuitions $595.

Pre-requisite – completion of Numerology Essentials

This Advanced Numerology Course takes you to the next level of understanding and competence. The instruction and details are so comprehensive that you will learn more than most people do in years.

Ancient wisdom is at hand with simple understandings as you learn principles based the integration of logic and mystical energies we all possess. Imagine discovering more insight as you learn the magic of what a true numerology chart can reveal to you.

 Successful completion of thes course will give you a Numerology Certificate that allows you to practice and become a Professional Numerologist.

 You will learn:

  • How to understand Master Numbers, Karmic Debts and Karmic Lessons
  • How to construct a Numerology Chart with the full Essences which gives a year by year account.
  • Learn to read the past and forecast the future with the Essence Chart
  • Discover your Age Digit Meaning and Age Digit Cycles
  • Understand the impact of the numbers in a chart and how they are affect each other
  • What is a Duality
  • How to Balance your life through numbers
  • Reading charts for practice of well know people to hone your skills
  • How to prepare and do a reading
  • How to be a Professional Numerologist