Creating Abundance Workshop

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in a rut?
Does it feel like there are things preventing you from having the things and people in your life you would like?
Are you sometimes able to manifest and sometimes not?
Would you like to have more of what you want and stop struggling with obstacles?

If you have the desire to make a shift, then this Workshop is for you.


gold flow


NLP Master Trainer and founder of NLP Worldwide, Laureli Blyth, is conducting a dynamic 2-day workshop to help you Develop an Abundance Consciousness. She is a Dynamic Manifester who created this workshop over 30 years ago. Laureli wants to share this with others who are ready to shift and connect to their Abundant Prosperous Self.

This workshop is limited in numbers, so if you have the time and want to become a great manifester, let us know. You can email me or use the registration button below.

Bring a friend if you want - no NLP knowledge is needed.  Now is the right time to hold this - join us as you ignite your creative Prosperity & Abundance ability and discover what is truly important to you - make the rest of 2021 an amazing year!

During this workshop:

  • Release the old barriers and shift your potential to being inflow with manifesting abundance
  • Expose and clear the limiting beliefs that have sabotaged abundance in your life
  • Fulfill your potential to manifest abundance effortlessly, as you learn how to attract the highest good into your life, what you desire and deserve
  • Discover your heart’s deepest desire and envision a balanced, more fulfilling life
  • Brainstorm a dynamic action plan that gives you practical ways to encourage abundance to flourish in your life.

When: Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 April 2021

Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm

Where: NLP Training Centre, Sydney CBD

Cost: $525 or 2 payments of $275


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