Books By Laureli

"Neuro Intelligence"

The New NLP Guide to Mind, Body & Spirit And

Understanding How Best To Use Your Brain

Neuro Intelligence is an easy-to-follow guide to understanding and using the whole self - body, mind and spirit - to achieve life s greatest goals and desires. We all learn and remember by experience, and experience is a neurological process. The brain is where it begins. When you use it, it grows and your mind produces results. The more people learn the more capacity they have to learn even more. It is a well-known phenomenon that when people understand how things work they utlilse them more naturally and effectively. Neuro Intelligence explains the way your mind works and how through the use of effective tools and techniques, teaches you how to learn, how to think and unlock your inner powers. Learn to understand your own thoughts and clear limiting beliefs and actions. You no longer have to live with frustration, stress and unwanted habits. Everyone has a platform from which their thoughts occur, it is the way in which they direct their thoughts that determine the quality of their lives.

"The Numerology Of Names"

The Quickest Route To Your Personality

Who am I?
What is my purpose in life?
Can I find direction and happiness?
How can I understand myself better?
The Numerology of Names has become a best seller that has now been translated into three languages. This newest edition allows you to experience for yourself the wonder of the numbers in your name.


"A fantastic and easy to understand Numerology book for anyone. I love to take it to dinner parties. It gives more detail than any other Numerology book in regard to a person's name and has helped me understand myself, my family and my friends."
"The Numerology book of the 21st Century. A must have for the Numerology enthusiast. I found it to be a great reference book with simple to use instructions. Everyone loves looking up their name meaning and it is uncanny how accurate it is."
"Finally a Numerology book for people who knew there were numbers past 9. Thank you Laureli for sharing your inspirational work with the world."

"Dream Power"


Dreampower will guide you in learning how to interpret your dreams and use them for self-understanding and guidance. Learn how to build your own set of dream symbols, interpret your own dream language, and understand the true nature of yourself, and your relationships.

Dreams are one of the most powerful means we have for communicating with ourselves. They help us to understand who we are and what we really need by revealing our desires, our hopes, our secrets and our fears. By becoming better in tune with your dreams, you come better in tune with the true power of your self.

"Brain Power"


Using Your Brains To Empower Your Life

Once you get to this stage on your journey you will start to be recognised for who you are
and people will despise you for they will know you are against the world and therefore,
everything they believe in. and there will be no place you can go to or be where you will
not be recognised for what you are and be persecuted.

"You Must Learn NLP"

Co-authored with Dr Heidi Heron


156 Ways Neuro Linguistic Programming Will Improve Your Life.

This book answers the most pressing questions we receive about Neuro Linguistic Programming and takes you on a journey that highlights how you can use NLP in personal development, communication, business, health and other aspects of life.

With NLP you can improve your leadership skills, create better relationships, become a better parent and friend and even work with others as a coach or therapist. In fact, whatever area of your life needs improvement NLP will give you the tools that you can easily learn to make massive changes in your life.

"30 Days To NLP"

Co-authored with Dr Heidi Heron



30 Days to NLP is a reader friendly introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming.

This book takes you on a thirty day exploration into the inner workings of the unconscious mind. It sheds a remarkable light on the patterns of thought, emotion and behaviours of yourself and others. Each day unfolds a new facet of NLP with explanations, practical examples and exercises that will develop both your conscious and unconscious skills of NLP.

Based on the NLP Certification training provided by the Worldwide Institutes of NLP, authors and international NLP Master Trainers Laureli Blyth and Dr. Heidi Heron, Psy.D. have created a conversational, easy to understand and accessible book to anyone who has a desire to develop themselves and their knowledge of NLP.