Stephen Hawking's Chronology

Stephen William Hawking DOB Jan 8, 1942 to March 14, 2018

One of the greatest physicist of our time. Wrote a book on inter-galactical space and how the world began and what we are likely to face. A study of the Universe. Based on scientific factors the book was written and aimed at lay people. Was in Guinness book of records as the top 10 sold book for 184 week and sold over 5 million copies worldwide in 1988. His birth is the 300th anniversary o the death of Galileo, which he thought was symbolic. Although physically small and frail and most times sickly, he had an over zealous personality. In University he was in the Rowing Club and was the Coxin. He often took great risks and at parties would dance on tables and get overly drunk.

1958:             Built a rudimentary computer

1960:             Became sick

1962:             Graduated from University

1963:             Diagnosed with Motor neuron disease told he had 2 to 3 years. In despair shut himself off with depression.

1964:             His PhD brought him back to work and study and he met a girl

1965:             Married and became Professor at Cambridge

1966:             His speech became un-intelligible his wife helped with his work

1967:             Birth of 1st child

1970:             Birth of 2nd child

1974:             Went to California Institute of Technology for sabbatical

1975:             Confined to wheelchair and needs full time carer

1979:              Birth of 3rd child

1983:             Began book, needed money for family, medical bills, so went to China on lecture tour

1985:             Lecture world tour, mid 85 tracheotomy resulting in no voice – obtained voice synthesiser

1988:             Honoured by Queen with Champion Honour Money start coming in. Filming beings on Brief history in Time.

1990:             Separates from wife after 25 years of marriage